Gecko-Lab was established in May 2002 and since the very beginning has focused on delivering high-quality mobile solutions.

The experienced team of developers, graphic artists and designers works on mobile games and applications, websites (light and full versions) and delivers dedicated business solutions streamlining operation of companies, enterprises and institutions. We also provide consultancy services so as to help our customers take full advantage of huge capabilities mobile technologies have to offer.

A main goal of our company is to help customers employ mobile solutions in optimal way and maximise business profits that result from using them.

We are all witnesses of a revolution that moves the Internet from desktop computers to mobile devices. That is why we help our customers and their companies become aware participants of this breakthrough. If it is hard now to think that a company could operate without being present on the Web, then imagine how it will be hard tomorrow to run a successful business without being available via the mobile Internet.

2011-05-18 15:59

Tyres are coming...

The application "Tyres" is now Gold Master and ready to publish!...

2010-10-18 15:39

New Gecko-Lab's website

Here it is! The prettiest, the most interesting, the freshest! Our completely new website!...


images/app_mini/splash_web.png Tires (Opony) An application designed and developed to the order of an importer and distributor, the company Lucky Star Poland.

images/app_mini/skyblox_240_320.en.png Sky Blox Our latest production for AMA (Advanced Mobile Applications), Ubisoft's mobile-game branch.

images/app_mini/pf_240x320.en.jpg Panorama Firm Panorama Firm is an application that lets you browse the website with your iPhone/iPod.

images/app_mini/splash.en.png The Flirt An innovative game based on a famous card game.

images/app_mini/wl_splash.png The Great Bribe It is not an easy job to be a chairman of a football club. Footballers who want more and more money and sponsors who want better results all the time make your life a real torment. To make matters worse, your team goes down in the table as bribed referees make matches go not the way you plan. The only way is to... pay them more.

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