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01 About us

At Gecko-Lab, we believe in experience and specialization, which is why we have been focusing on providing high-quality mobile applications for over 15 years.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who constantly develop their skills to meet the dynamic challenges of today’s market.

New challenges inspire us, and a portfolio of dozens of completed projects is a confirmation of our reliability as a business partner.

  • 15 years of experience
  • 100 completed projects
  • 70 satisfied customers
  • 10 mobile systems

02 Offer

How can we help?

Development, design, maintenance, consulting – we will always present you the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Native and cross-platform mobile applications

Our main speciality is the development of dedicated native mobile applications, both standalone and with a complex server side. Our portfolio ranges from complex applications for corporate clients to compact solutions for the SME sector.

We are proud of the recognition we have received from customers in various countries, both in Europe and beyond, such as Germany, the UK, France or the USA.

Rely on our expertise to create mobile applications that will exceed your customers’ expectations.

Design, architecture and UI / UX

A good mobile app not only meets the business goals of its owner, but also provides its users with high ergonomics and smooth, failure-free operation.

At Gecko-Lab, we attach great importance to the pre-production stage, which consists of a detailed study of customer needs, a well-thought-out application architecture design and a user-friendly interface design.

Maintenance and development of existing apps

Every app, even the best, needs regular servicing and adaptation to ever-changing technologies. Only such an approach will ensure its long and trouble-free functioning.

We offer full support in the maintenance and development of mobile applications, both native and those written using frameworks.

Integration with existing systems

Mobile applications often need to work with different systems and complex infrastructures.

We provide our customers with seamless integration with their existing solutions.

Implementation and development of mobile technologies

We provide our clients with the implementation of their projects and ensure development and modification in line with the dynamics of goals and the changing environment.

Consulting and advisory

Mobile channels are the key to business success in today’s reality. We offer advice and consulting on technologies and mobile solutions that ensure full implementation of the set goals while maintaining optimal time and cost conditions.

Mobile games

We have many years of experience in creating casual mobile games. We specialize mainly in card and board games, although we also develop platform and logic ones.

Our most popular game, Rummy, boasts over 10 million downloads on iOS and Android and a huge following of players who have been playing it regularly for years.

03 Why us

Why to create custom mobile apps with Gecko-Lab?

Good team

A good team is the key to efficient development and a perfect product. At Gecko-Lab, the programming team consists of people who have worked together on many projects and have been with us for years.

Most of our programmers work stationary in the office in Lodz – as a team we work together using the synergy resulting from direct communication and sharing the same passion.


Experience is an invaluable asset.

We have implemented dozens of projects for various clients: from start-ups, through banks, corporations, to offices and institutions.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can share our knowledge and experience.


Projects need stability.

Thanks to our presence on the market for over 15 years, we are a trusted partner for our clients’ long-term projects. Many of them have been using our services for over a decade.

Time and money

Time and money are valuable resources. At Gecko-Lab, we respect both. We offer our clients solutions tailored to their current needs, with the possibility of scaling in accordance with the stages of business development.

Thanks to this, we help build a competitive advantage based on the effective use of resources.


Our goal is individual solutions and hassle-free contact.

We create each application after a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and requirements, ensuring ongoing and effective communication with the entire development team throughout the duration of the project.


Different needs need different solutions. At Gecko-Lab, we offer app development based on both native and cross-platform solutions using specialized frameworks.

Our programmers follow the latest trends to always offer customers a modern and refined product.

04 Technology

What are we the best of?

Depending on the needs of our clients, we create native apps or use dedicated specialized frameworks.

  • Android


    We have extensive experience in creating native apps for this most popular mobile system. Our competences include knowledge of Kotlin and Java languages, Android Studio IDE, Gradle building system, as well as the full cycle of application development and implementation.
  • IOS


    Our developers specialize in creating native apps for devices based on the Apple system. We have many years of experience in writing code using Swift and Objective C languages, as well as the UIKit and SwiftUI frameworks
  • Flutter


    The most popular multi-platform solution thanks to which we can implement projects based on a common code base with a consistent user interface on iOS and Android devices.
  • Unity


    We have been creating mobile games using the Unity engine with passion for many years – from gameplay design, through the creation of assets, to the final effect in the form of a game published on Google Play or Apple Appstore.
  • React Native

    React Native

    We have experience in creating and developing multiplatform apps using the React Native framework. This allows us to create and maintain applications for Android and iOS platforms within one project.
  • Cordova


    We are familiar with the Apache Cordova platform for the development of multi-platform applications, supporting a wide range of APIs, enabling e.g. geolocation support, access to phone sensors and reading camera data.
  • Firebase


    Our experience with the Firebase platform allows us to automate the processes of building applications and games, as well as monitor their stability and user behavior in order to determine their needs and further directions of application development.
  • Jira


    A more complex project? No problem – our developers specialize in working with agile methodologies and the Atlassian Jira system supporting them, which is an industry standard. We are also familiar with tools such as DevOps and Redmine.
  • Trello


    We know a lot about managing both small and complex projects. In the case of the former, we use the Kanban methodology by clearly and effectively managing tasks on the Trello platform.
  • UX/UI


    A very important element of every application is a thoroughly thought-out user interface. To create it, we use tools such as Figma, Miro and Zeplin.

06 Clients

Who we cooperated with?

07 References

Clients about us

08 Contact

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